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We are a motley crew on a journey of faith.

We’ve joined together to share the story of Jesus and how to connect our story to His story. We share the story in real and practical ways in a shorts and flip-flops style that’s both mystical and Eucharistic. We connect the ancient truths to our current reality so that we can take the next step on our journey of faith.
Worship Service Times:
Saturday 6:30pm (Contemporary)
Sunday 8:30 (Traditional)
Sunday 10:30 (Contemporary)
Sunday 12:30 (Hispanic service)
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Current Sermon Series


Is God silent?

Jan 14 & 15

.Matthew 28: 19-20
Hebrews 11.
In this series, we will wrestle with the apparent discrepancy between our understanding of God and the realities of life. For example, if God is so hungry for a relationship with us, then why does God seem so hidden? Why, if God cares for us, do bad things happen? What can we expect from God after all?

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Be Go Do

our annual community outreach program brings community of faith closer to those in the Four Corners area who could use a little help.

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come see what membership is all about.  We periodically hold new membership classes to let those wishing to join learn a little more about us, and we learn a little more about them
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Community of Faith
United Methodist Church
9120 Teacher Lane
Davenport, FL 33897
Pastor: Chris Jones
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Worship Service Times:
Saturday 6:30pm (Contemporary)
Sunday 8:30  (Traditional)
Sunday 10:30 (Contemporary)
Sunday 12:30 (Hispanic service)