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Worship Ministry

At Community of Faith we are passionate about encountering God each week during worship. Part of the worship experience is played out through the wonderful gift of musical expression. We love the Lord, and offer our praises to Him through a variety contemporary songs, choruses and hymns. Come and join us with an expectant heart as we worship the Lord together! Colossians 3:16 

2016 Glory to the King Concert

Thank you to all who contributed and attended our “Glory to the King” Christmas music concert this year.  

 Praise & Worship Team

 A band of various instrumentalists and vocalists, with the primary responsibility to assist in worship at each worship celebration and all special events and/or services. Team members are selected through an interview process.   
The worship team rehearses for the weekend on Saturday from 4-6pm (vocalists from 2:30-3:30pm)

 Sound Team Ministry

A team of individuals who love music and have a talent in the technical aspects of mixing sound. These team members are responsible for the overall sound and audio set up for the Sunday morning worship services.

Multi-Media Ministry

A ministry of media technicians who operate all multi-media equipment for every worship celebration, drama, or musical production. This could include operating and designing slide and video presentations, computer imaging, operating video projectors, video cameras, dramatic lighting, sound systems, and other forms of multi-media. This is an exciting opportunity to assist in leading the worship experience.
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